Monday, September 8, 2008

So long ago

My last post seems like forever ago. Time flies and so much has went on. Africa, school of ministry, and a hurricane. Who knows what lies ahead. I for now am making it a point to blog more to let everyone know how things are going. Right now I am exhausted from hurricane relief in donaldsonville. Tomorrow is another day, im sure it will be long and hard, but I am here to take it on. Lift those up that are bellow you, and pray for those above. No matter the status they are people who need love and support.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Next Chapter

So i have three days left of high school. What? Three days left of high school!!!!! Praise Jesus i made it! I can remember wanting to be done with it before it began. Now i can honestly say that even though there were very low lows, the highs were great. It is four years of my life that flew by but at the same time drug on forever. So much has bee gained and afew people lost. Over all its been a chapter in my life that will be considered rising action, for the best is yet to come. The closing of one door means the opening of another! The open oppertunities include Africa and full-time Healing Place School of Ministry. God has been good to me and though i've endured a lot his plans for me are built on the foundation that was formed from the experiences. So the truth is i will miss the times i had in high school, but im looking forward to the experiences set before me. My reach is global, my tower secure, my cause is noble, my power is pure, and i cant be stopped!

Monday, March 10, 2008


My answer is yes the question is where. God has put the nations on my heart. I continuely ask God to send me! Now I am one of those who are going to Africa this summer. I am so incredibly blessed, thankfull, and speechless! God never fails to amaze me! The following is a segment from my journal from afew months ago.

"To know that there are people hurting in the world, but others living lavishly makes me think things could be different and should be different and I want to do something about it. If givin the oppertunity to go into the nations it would be so much more than a personal experience. It would be more than a life completely turned upside down.
Those hurting children in poverty are God's children. For us to go reach them is to be the heartbeat of God. In each act would be a beat of God's own heart. To know that I could relate to those children in a personal way makes going more than an option but a desire. To personaly relate myself to an orphan would be by expressing my life as an orphan. My mother passed away when I was 12 and my father is a drug addict who was never a father figure. The feeling can be understood but never felt by someone unexperienced. Harsh poverty in my youth also can be related to what the people are living in. To have a bases to relate with will make a connection stroger and the words and actions have more meaning. A passion is embedded in my heart and is stirred everytime I think about reaching those children. I believe I have experienced everything I have in life to be able to relate and reach the African people. I truely hope I will be accepted."

Friday, March 7, 2008

Take a Look

A generation filled with desolate waste that captures our minds and dictates our lives. Living in a world of corruption and injustice that turns its back to the needy and untouched. How can we remain silent and inactive as we watch the self-destruction of our nation? Politicians with their multimillion-dollar campaigns that would rather put their name on a billboard, then help a family in poverty. Corporations that exploit pornography to teens in order to widen their pocketbooks. Religious leaders full of perversion harming children for their own personal satisfaction. Look around at this world that has no moral foundation. It sickens me to say the least. More importantly it motivates me to make a stand and to continue in this fight for survival. As Christians we can no longer alienate ourselves in our churches. We must invade the world, getting dirty and making a difference. The blame does not fall on anyone, but the responsibility has been laid in our laps. We cannot wait any longer for someone else to make the change. Procrastinating has dug our graves deeper, and we are running out of time. How much farther does the world have to fall before we decide we need to catch it? My feet are planted and my heart is set. I will not give up or back down. I will not shut up or be silenced. I will not be over looked or unheard. I will fight with all I have, and will not stop till things are changed! This is the time that we make a stand and change our world!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Band aid

"Im stuck on band aid brand cause band aids stick on me!"
This jumped out at me during worship. So often we put band aids on the wounds of this broken and dieing generation. We cannot cover the problems anymore, because they are going unsolved. The wounds cannot be heald if they are not attended to. We must stitch up the wounds of this generation in order for God to heal us. As a generation that is broken we must look to God for nurishment and healing from the injuries we sustain from the world. The Devil want to still, kill, and destroy all of us. I have news for him, God is for us so the devil cannot stand against us. We have power over the enemy through God. Do not allow yourself to be taken hostage! As a generation we must amplify our battle cry of Jesus and continue to fight. We do not stand alone, we are all in this together.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lets Take Charge

At times us individuals are like worthless pawns being dictated by corrupt leaders. Those dignitaries are in charge of this septic pool of a world, which is desecrated with immorality and wickedness. A generation following in the path of recklessness and devastation will also end up with the result of disappointment. In order to prevent this vicious cycle to continue we must change every aspect of common life, as it is known. As the generation labeled with such negativity we must break beyond the mold and make an impact in the world. A generation that can not be changed is the generation that will change the world. Take up your duty and fight for a valid cause. We can no longer stand back and allow the people in power to further the disruption in our world.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Listen for it

Do you listen to the harlequin mockery of the unfortunate?
Can you hear the cry of the suppressed,
drowning amongst your inadequacies?
While allowing yourselves to view their pain,
you grimace at the thought of their heartache.
Reclined with crossed arms,
you stair at the sight of despair.
Can you hear the pounding of a broken heart,
waiting for comfort to rescue them?

I would love to send this to all of
politicians that say they want to change
America! If they could only see how much
money could be used to help people rather,
than support their campagne! I would vote
for some who instead of trying to get on
every talkshow, they did comunity service.
I would vote for someone who truly cares
about the people instead of thier own personal
gain and success! I long for the day that
political coruption was a thing of the past!